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About Ligia Van Dyk


Ligia has always been passionate about Health and Medicine. Since the age of 5, she had the dream of becoming a medical doctor. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and went to Medical School in 1998. After 7 years, she got her Bachelor Diploma in General Medicine and Surgery. 2 years later, Ligia and her husband (Who is Canadian), made the decision to move to Canada.  Being pregnant and with a 4 year old daughter, it was difficult for her to validate the Medical diploma in Canada. She also wanted to dedicate her time to raise her kids and be home with them. As her kids began to grow up, Ligia decided to get back to school, and made the choice of entering the field of Homeopathy. She enrolled at the Canadian College Of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) and got her Diploma in Classical Homeopathic Medicine. Since then, Ligia has made the decision to open up Better Health Homeopathy, to treat people's illnesses, as Homeopathy has treated, and continues to treat her and her family. Ligia resides in Alberta, Canada, with her family and pets.